„There is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way.“


„To awaken, sit calmly,
letting each breath clear your mind
and open your heart“


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My name is Nicoleta Bot. I stive for an holistic approach in my daily Yoga practice. For me Yoga and its practices are a philosophy for life. It can be integrated in everyones lifestyle.

It is my deepest wish to help you find your own way to inner balance and happiness.
My Yoga practice will guide you to experience beside good health and body condition your inner peace and to achieve your (higher) goals with clarity and serenity.

My holistic approach includes different Yoga styles: Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy, Children Yoga Certification Groovy Kids, Chakra Balance, Meditation. These practices are always closely connected to ayurvedic principles. In order to sustain my holistic view I have started an alternative medicine study.

I offer besides Yoga group courses personal coachings where I can fully concentrate on your own needs and development. Furthermore you may book an ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle coaching.


Please do not hesitate to visit one of my courses or to contact



Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic, modern Yoga style that will energise your body and mind after a busy day. You will feel inspired and refreshed along the various Asanas practiced in a flow.


Yin yoga and meditation

A passive Yoga style, the perfect equilibrium after an exhausting day. We will learn different techniques to let go of the ballast we carry within and relax. The core of the practice is the deep connection to Yourself.


Yoga in the pregnancy

The pregnancy is for every Mother and family a very special time. Asanas, modified for this significant time, will offer the pregnant woman the possibility to smoothly adapt to the profound changes of their body and mind. A wonderful way to connect to the baby and let them feel the love from within and without.



Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle concepts
Ayurveda- the science of life- is preventive medicine, naturopathy and life philosophy in the same time. With the ayurvedic “Veda” (knowledge) you can reach good health and a long, balanced and happy life.


Children Yoga Groovy Kids®

GroovyKids Yoga class offers children between 3 and 6 years an yogic environment where they will grow and flourish in a safe, non competitive and fun space. It is a series of effective and proven asanas to assist children in learning anything.


Yin Yang Yoga Online

Each Wednesday 19:00 CET (English/German) and Friday 19:00 CET (Romanian) I heartily invite you to discover with me Yin Yang Yoga. For those interested please leave me an Email to receive a Zoom Link and payment details. So blessed to assist you on this path.